Sports Publicity Spin was created for aspiring sports business and public relations professionals to give them a behind-the-scenes look at the sports industry with a different SPIN on publicity and its importance today.

Sports Publicity Spin strives to discuss current topics in the industry and share insights from some of today's leading sports industry executives, media reporters and public relations professionals.

Sports Publicity Spin was founded by Natalie P. Mikolich, a sports publicist, who has worked with various world class professional and Olympic athletes along with some of the leading sports and entertainment agencies. In addition, Natalie has worked with global sports equipment and apparel companies in the health, fitness, beauty and luxury lifestyle industries. She has facilitated the media campaigns for celebrity athlete non-profit organizations and special events as well.

Natalie is the Founder of npm | pr ( and currently the 2016 Chair of the PRSA Entertainment and Sports Section who has worked with the Manhattan Sports Business Academy (, a new summer 8-week sports business leadership program in New York City designed for undergraduate/graduate students and young professionals.

Sports Publicity Spin was inspired by the Manhattan Sports Business Academy Class of 2013 after Natalie's work with them. She saw an opportunity to share another side of what goes on in the sports industry behind-the-scenes from her expertise and experience in sports publicity.

Sports Publicity Spin - Serving a New "SPIN" on the Importance of Sports Publicity